I experienced a stark awakening 20 years ago, which led me down the path to studying various healing modalities. I awakened to my own mystical connection to the cosmos and moon in particular. I began to notice how I was feeling as the moon cycled.  

People struggle to talk about and work with their trauma (whatever the source). There's so much shame, guilt, and judgment woven into the fabric of our personal trauma. We feel let down, hurt, exposed, vulnerable, and worthless to name a few of the difficult feelings we try to stuff or "shake off." Other people tell us to "buck up" or "think positive thoughts." Yet, these "shadow" aspects of being human are part of the human condition.  These stuffed feelings and traumas don’t go anywhere and will eventually weigh so heavily on us we become sick in mind, body, and spirit/soul.  It's incredibly difficult to function in this condition.


I assist people in healing in to their own truth about life. Clients "wake up" at their own pace.  I utilize primarily three healing modalities in my work.  I walk beside clients as they walk their personal road of trauma, depression, grief, etc., whatever the challenge in life.  I don't tell them what to see or how to feel. They tell me what they are seeing and feeling and we work with that.  It's a process of being, doing, discovering, healing and continuing to walk forward.  As a result, clients feel more grounded, connected, supported, and at peace in life. Healing doesn't occur in a vacuum nor is there a time limit on this process.  My hope is that everyone will "shake off" what is no longer relevant to their journey making them freer to be who they were born to be.

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