When I channel, I connect with deceased loved ones and/or receive messages from Spirit.


Spirit messages contain information clients need to hear about their lives to assist them in their journey.  The messages help clients heal areas they may not know about or let go of situations that are of no real value.

Deceased loved ones come in to help clients heal.  I ask clients not to tell me anything about their loved ones until I get information.  I deliver their healing messages in a way that is healing for both the client and the deceased loved ones.  I'm deeply respectful of deceased loved ones and do not control who shows up.  That is determined by Spirit, my guides, and my client's guides.  I trust that whoever shows up is exactly who the client needs to hear from. 

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing

Nondual Kabbalistic Healing sessions allow the client a safe space in which to explore anything that creates conflict in their lives.  It can be career, depression, grief, stress, family, etc.  We discuss these conflicts and the last 15 minutes are spent doing a healing based on what was discussed during the session.  

Shamanic Energy Healing

In Shamanic Energy Healing sessions I am channeling energy from the highest source, targeting areas of the body with this energy flow.  It is a spiritual practice.  I feel the flow of energy intensely.  I trust the energy flowing through me is assisting my clients with whatever they need for healing. The energy flow is not mine to own, but Spirit's.  Healing occurs between the client and Spirit directly.  I serve as the conduit.  I often get healing information from Spirit, my guides, and my client's guides.  

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