"I approached this exercise as a typical skeptic, but when it was over, I was astounded and extremely happy.  Jan took her time to communicate with my loved one.  The information that was relayed was amazing, heartfelt, and unbelievable.  She communicated things to me from my loved one that only I would know...very personal things.  I would highly recommend anyone, especially skeptics, to work with Jan to get the closure you need concerning your deceased loved one(s) welfare. Thank you so much, Jan!"  D.E. -  Florida

"My reading with Jan was incredible.  It had been a rough couple of weeks leading up to it so I was really looking forward to spending time with her.  Jan was able to pick my mother's parents as well as my parted twin.  The comfort, reassurance, and love that I experienced was overwhelming.  It was extremely emotional for me, but everything that I truly needed to hear from them.  It was also very relieving to hear that these close members of my family are still with me, checking in on me, and watching over me.  Jan's reading brought peace and warmth to my heart when was really needed most.  I would recommend Jan and her abilities to everyone who is interested.  It was well worth it in every way."  N.B. - Georgia

"Jan is extraordinarily compassionate, intuitive and honest.  I received a mediumship reading from her as a birthday gift to myself, and I have never had a better gift.  Jan's reading reconnected me with my memories, as well as with the spirits of loved ones who have passed.  Her readings are an interplay between herself, the client, and the spirits and are interactive and inclusive.  She will never leave you lost and will work with you to gain understanding of messages so that you may meet your personal spiritual goals. I highly recommend her."  A.K. - Michigan

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